Employees of Agricultores El Fuerte

have always been and will continue to be our most valuable resource.

Since the beginning

We understand that our collaborators are the most valuable resource we can have.

The approach to the first community gave us the way to move forward looking for their well-being, implementing measures to improve health conditions, and encouraging them to improve and grow professionally.


Our employees are dedicated and take pride in their work
that for many is a passion.


Honesty, conviction and transparency

At Agricultores El Fuerte we act with honesty, conviction and transparency to improve the lives of our people, the communities in which we live and harvest.

The management system
Agricultores El Fuerte

It establishes practices of innocuousness, health and social responsibility for the development and growth of the communities where we have a presence, as well as the integral development of our people and their families.

It also involves using methods to take advantage of resources efficiently and minimize environmental and social impact, as well as seeking sustainability with sustainable practices. 

Committed to future generations
We seek to make agricultural resources more efficient, learn about the sustainable practices that we work out at Agricultores El Fuerte.