Organic Red Leaf

Happy green organic encourages the monitoring of sustainable practices, promoting ecological balance, conserving biodiversity with future generations in mind.

Small, with large, loose, long and wavy leaves with curly edges.

It starts with a green color towards the stem and ends with red.

Intense flavor, crunchy texture.

Nutritional Information


Maintain good visual health, keep skin healthy and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamina K

40% of you Daily Value witch helps improve bone health.

Keeping the cold chain

until its final destination

After harvest, the product is transported on a platform or in a refrigerated truck at a temperature of 45 ° F to the cooling reception.

The cooling process Is achieve with a vacuum cooler, until the temperature drops to 2 ° C.

Once cooled, the temperature at destination is 1 ° C to 3.8 ° C maximum.

Organic Red Leaf Specifications


Single perforated bag with logo or standard tied with a double knot.

Net Content: 0.400 kg ± 100 gr


Corrugated Cardboard

24 pieces

18 kg

Traceability label and # employee


Pallets: Chep y/o blanca tratada o nacional

Box per level: 5 

Levels per pallet: 8 or 7 levels

Boxes per pallet: 40 or 35 boxes