Red Leaf

Small, with large, loose, long and wavy leaves with curly edges.

It starts with a green color towards the stem and ends with red.

Intense flavor, crunchy texture.

Nutritional Information


Maintain good visual health, keep skin healthy and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamina K

40% of you Daily Value witch helps improve bone health.

Keeping the cold chain

until its final destination

After harvest, the product is transported on a platform or in a refrigerated truck at a temperature of 45 ° F to the cooling reception.

The cooling process Is achieve with a vacuum cooler, until the temperature drops to 2 ° C.

Once cooled, the temperature at destination is 1 ° C to 3.8 ° C maximum.

Red Leaf Specifications


Single perforated bag with logo or standard tied with a double knot.

Net Content: 0.400 kg ± 100 gr


Corrugated Cardboard

24 pieces

18 kg

Traceability label and # employee


Pallets: Chep y/o blanca tratada o nacional

Box per level: 5 

Levels per pallet: 8 or 7 levels

Boxes per pallet: 40 or 35 boxes