30 years committed

with quality, taste, appearance and nutritional values

We keep safe our products


To offer safety in products with standard operations under our continuous improvement methodology.

Quality has always 
been our first priority

Thanks to the execution and understanding of Good Agricultural Practices by all who are part of Agricultores El Fuerte.

Quality is a the bigger pillar of our commitment to our customers, the great team that is in charge of guaranteeing the internal criteria of this quality during the life of the product, it has allowed us to stand out as top-level producers from our clients to consumers. 

Same quality in all our practices

Through all the production cycle, from plantation to harvest, cooling and distribution.


It starts from our planning and rotation of crops to care of the soil, and health of this. Preparing and leveling the soil for the best conditions upon receiving the plant.

Selection of optimal varieties according to climate and geographical arearasplantes mecanizados asegurando las densidades necesarias del cultivo.

transplantadora agrícola plantacion maquinaria
tractor cultivando coliflor agricultura

Managers of production units trained to monitor, make decisions and ensure a healthy crop, along with reviews of internal auditors who verify compliance with Good agricultural practices after 52 weeks. 

Making good use of water, with applications of authorized agrochemicals, governed by laws of the country of origin and country of destination,preventive evaluations and revision of work equipment.


Field inspections to evaluate and get the perfect day to harvest for the best product conditions, ensuring the correct size and freshness according to our clients specifications.

lechuga iceberg venta campos mexicanos
cosecha vista aerea dron agricultura


Trained staff and certified in all safety standards and good agricultural practices required in the industry executes this process.

Harvesting equipment in optimal sanitation conditions. 

Quality department

The quality team guarantees that the finished product is within all the parameters to deliver a safe, fresh product with a perfect presentation.

Feedback with staff for the selection and harvest of the product, attention also to the presentation during the packing, and stacking.

lechuga iceberg bolsa happy green empaque
cooler enfriamiento postcosecha cajas happy green


From field to client reception we accomplish the cold chain. Arrives to our cooling plant immediately after harvest to standardize the conditions and cool it, extending the life of the product and proceed to its destination, whether it is a national or international market.

Safety though all operation

All process are critical points to comply Good Agricultural Practices and high quality standards that characterize our products