Its interior is made up of thick, fleshy layers, where plant nutrients accumulate and protected by thin, dry, thin and semitransparent membranes.

Nutritional Information

Vitamin C & K

25% of Vitamin C daily value and 20% of Vitamin K.

90% Water

Onion without peel

White clean onion, shelled and shiny.

 7 to 9 cm (2 ¾ a 3 ½”)  diameter

Cooling from 13 to 15 °C (55 to 60 °F)

Onion Specifications


Corrugated Cardboard or plastic box

– kg


Pallets: Chep y/o blanca tratada o nacional

Box per level: 5 

Levels per pallet: 7 or 6 levels

Boxes per pallet: 35 or 30 boxes