Agricultores El Fuerte grows with the commitment to protect

the environment for our future generations by promoting sustainable development

Environmental commitment

As we grow we continue to analyze the impact and propose and implement new sustainable practices, plans for the future.

campo lechugas inocuo personal cosecha
planta apio Plantula transplante agricultura

We want to guarantee food crops Of the highest quality

Making all agricultural inputs efficient, to maintain our wide range of products year after year. 

Some of the sustainable practices we carry out:

Solar Cells

Use of solar cells at commercial operations locations.

authorized products

Pest control with products authorized by the law of origin and law of destination.


Effective and efficient use of all agricultural inputs used in the process.


Protecting our natural water resources, maintaining wells and efficient water systems.

crop planning

Rotation to prevent disease and sustain the viability of the agricultural lands on which we produce.

Compromised packaging

Supplied packaging committed to sustainability programs.

Recycling and collect

Collection centers for packaging, paper, cardboard, and products to be recycled.

Incorporation of crop residues

Critically important source of organic matter for the next crop in rotation.

We act with honesty, conviction and transparency

To improve the lives of our people, the communities in which we live and harvest.