About Us

We are happy to tell you more about Commuz and our skilled team!

About us

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We are an agency always working toward full-service support that focuses on providing high quality and detailed processes while maintaining reasonable.

Providing quality business consultations is our commitment to all our clients. We take care of your cases and problematic issues so you could we confident about your tomorrow day in business. 

Commuz is ready to face complex and non-standard situations and provide you with bold decisions and greatly performed plan.
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Meet Our Team
Commuz is a great decision for those who are familiar with complex financial and taxation issues. These guys not only helped me to resolve mine, but also showed me some directions how I can develop and expand my business.

William Melanson

Chief Financier

William has built a reputation as a business innovator. He follows all the novelties and uses innovative tools.

Dreama Leos

Risk Manager

Dreama is a Risk manager who uses her knowledge and skills to help clients to overcome crisis.

Roberto Johnson

Legal Officer

When it comes to legal questions, we all call for Roberto. His experience and skills are extremely valuable and helpful.